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Note: Results vary among customers.  This guide is not designed to replace professional medical care. Consult your physician for specific diagnosis, prognosis and treatment. The testimonials below represent unsolicited commentary from actual clients who have used my program successfully.

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     Hi Brian,

Your ebook is the best investment I've ever made.  I would
paid hundreds of dollars going to therapy if it hadn't been
    for your
book. *




     Hi Brian,

     I appreciate your dedication to excellent service and assisting people
    with their recovery.
  I am very pleased about the
improvement that I
    have experienced in the mobility of my shoulder. 
As an Interior
    Decorator, I have to measure windows, couches, etc. 

     I am able to move my arm freely and have only a slight discomfort
     after exercising. Thank you for such a marvelous guide. *

     Kind Regards,




       Hi Brian,

      Your book is very good and the exercises are as well.  I learned a
      lot reading it and the photographs and descriptions of the
 are very clear.  I have followed your advice to keep
      moving as much as
I can
without causing pain, and this seems to
      be working. 

     I would 
recommend your book to others.  And I did
     appreciate your
 individual feedback when I was having problems. *

     Janice Perry

     Brooklin, ON Canada



    I can tell you the excercise program is extremely beneficial.  I am
     experiencing much less pain and stiffness as well as much improved
range of motion (maybe more motion than I previously had).      

     Excercise time very minimal, 5 to 10 minutes a day.  Thanks for your
     help. *




     Hi Brian,
     Thanks for the inquiry re my progress on frozen shoulder.  Your
     guide was excellent and I worked steadily on your exercises and
     now about 4 weeks later am almost back to normal.  Stopped taking
     any painkillers about 2 weeks after starting your exercise
     programme and have not looked back.  Best value book I found on
     the ailment and certainly money well spent. *


     Right after I bought your book I lent it to my neighbor whose shoulder
     was in worse shape than mine! I did the exercises that
my OT had
     recommended to do at home, and did a little better. I 
finally asked for
     my book back and began doing your program.

     Within a few weeks I was significantly better and am still improving
remarkably. I have the use of my arm back again, and I feel better each
The exercises are excellent and I can really feel the
stretches in
     just the right places. I  have now added the scapular
exercises to
    strengthen both shoulders because I never want
another frozen

     Thank you for the book.  It was well worth every penny. *





     Hello Brian,

     My frozen shoulder occurred around mid-January.  It was the
painful thing I've ever experienced in my 47 years.  After
visits to my GP and just given pain medicine that offered
     little or no
relief, she finally sent me to therapy three times a
     week around the
first of April.

     After attending therapy three times a week for several weeks, it
not seem to be helping, so my GP finally sent me to an
 doctor in mid-May and he diagnosed me with Frozen
     Shoulder.  He
also gave me a shot of Cortisone in my shoulder. 
     I think that is
what became the turning
point for me. 

I am still going to therapy
three times a week, along with
     following your exercise schedule
(in the back of the book) on the
     days I
do not go to therapy.  I
believe this combination is what
     has helped me
regain almost 100%
full motion and A LOT less

     I'm going to start going to physical therapy just once a week for
next three weeks and then I'm on my own.  I plan on 
     continuing to
follow your exercise plan, plus add a few of the 
     ones in the book
you recommend that are not on the plan.  I'm
     sure if I didn't have
your exercise plan to follow, my at home 
     exercising would have
fallen by the way side, but it's gives me 
     the guidance and inspiration
to keep going. *

     Thank you,